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We are academic writing and research company that provide research services to students and professionals who require assistance with their academic writing tasks. This company typically offer a range of services, including

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We use SPSS, EXCEL, Stata, R, and CS PRO

all statistical software programs commonly used for data analysis and statistical modeling.

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is a process of researching and analyzing the words or phrases that people use to search for information on a particular topic. It is often used in search engine optimization (SEO) to identify the keywords that are most relevant to a website or content, and to optimize that content to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keyword Assignment

Keyword assignment refers to the process of selecting and assigning specific keywords or phrases to a piece of content, such as a webpage or blog post, in order to optimize it for search engines and improve its visibility to potential readers or customers.


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Identify the Topic/Research Problem

Select a topic that is interesting to you and relates to your field of study.


Identify the Research Gaps

Conduct preliminary research to ensure that there is enough information available on the topic and to refine your research gap.


Statement of the Problem

Develop a clear and focused research question that your thesis will answer. This will help you to stay focused and ensure that your research is relevant and meaningful.


Conduct a Thorough Literature Review

Conduct a comprehensive literature review to identify existing research on your topic and to identify gaps in the literature that your thesis can address.


Develop a Research Plan

Develop a research plan that outlines the methodology and data analysis techniques you will use to answer your research question.


Collect and Analyze Data

Collect and analyze data using your chosen research methods, and ensure that your data is accurate and reliable.


Write a Draft

Begin writing your thesis draft, focusing on the structure of the paper and the logical flow of your argument. Ensure that your thesis is well-organized and supported by evidence.



Finally, ensure that your thesis is formatted correctly and meets all the requirements for citation and referencing styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the research question?

The research question is the central focus of the study, and guides the research design, methods, and analysis.

What is the significance of the research question?

The significance of the research question refers to its importance and relevance in the broader field of study, and the potential impact of the research on theory, practice, or policy.

What is the theoretical framework?

The theoretical framework is a conceptual model or set of ideas that informs the research question and guides the analysis and interpretation of data.

What is the methodology?

The methodology refers to the research methods and techniques used to collect, analyze, and interpret data, and should be appropriate for the research question and data being analyzed.

What are the results?

The results refer to the findings of the research study, and should be presented in a clear and concise manner, using appropriate tables, graphs, and statistical analysis.

What is the significance of the results?

The significance of the results refers to the implications of the findings for theory, practice, or policy, and should be discussed in light of the research question and literature review.

What are the limitations of the study?

The limitations of the study refer to any constraints or weaknesses in the research design or methods that may have affected the validity or generalizability of the findings.

What are the implications for future research?

The implications for future research refer to the potential for further research to build upon the findings of the current study, and to address any remaining questions or limitations.